ENGINEERING: System and strength calculations

We can produce designs and calculations for different trades and performance classes:

to German and international standards such as:

  • KTA
  • FDBR
  • ASME
  • ANSI

Design in accordance with the regulations to:

  • DIN
  • TRD
  • AD
  • ASME

Depending on the requirements, we work in the various areas with the following programs:

Calculation of heat exchangers

  • VDI-Wärmeatlas (heat transfer calculation tool)
  • Lauterbach  

Apparatus engineering calculations

  • AD 2000 Regelwerk (EN pressure vessel standards to EU PED)
  • Lauterbach

Calculation of the stresses in cylinders and spherical shells to WRC 107 ADS 3.6

  • WRC / WRCW
  • Lauterbach

Hydraulic calculation of networked pipes

  • Lauterbach

Calculation of stresses and forces in pipe systems

  • ROHR 2 
  • R2STOSS   

Special calculations

  • Finite element method

Connection calculations

  •  Nozzle Pro