Code of conduct

With this code of conduct, we define the underlying corporate principles,on which our work is based. These guidelines contain the principles and rules, which apply to all employees with regard to responsibility to people and the environment, within our company and in relation to our external partners.

 1. Lawful behaviour
A basic principle of ours is to obey the laws of the land in the country in which we are working. Each employee must observe the relevant local and international legal regulations and the ban on corruption and bribery, in order to guarantee responsible action as the basis of our work.

 2. Employees' basic rights
The personal dignity and personal rights of each and every employee are respected at all times. Equal opportunities for all employees and non-discrimination are the basis for working together. We take seriously our social responsibility to our employees and encourage cooperation on a basis of trust. We pay attention to fair remuneration for the work and performance of our employees and observe relevant employee rights within the respective legal framework. Fundamental observance of Minimum Age Conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) with regard to abidance by the minimum working age is self-evident for us and each company with which we work.
Our conduct within the company and towards external partners is based on mutual respect, honesty and integrity.

 3. Employee health and safety
We assume our responsibility for the health and safety of our employees by ensuring a safe working environment and by taking the best possible precautions against risks and accidents. Occupational safety training is given regularly in accordance with our management system, process description 3.2.3.

 4. Environmental protection
Even though we are a pure service company, we still pay attention to environmental protection in line with the legal norms and international standards. This means: to minimise environmental impact, to improve environmental protection continuously and to ensure regular training through our management system.

 5. Handling information
All employees must ensure that the records prepared by them as part of their official work activities are complete and correct and are handled confidentially. Confidentiality and discretion are imperative for internal information about clients, suppliers, employees or other third parties. Details of the company's organisation and facilities, prices, turnover and markets is confidential information.